We are happy to play your choice for your First Dance or, we can help you pick a song that you will love!

Especially for Brides:

In the same way that a certain smell brings you back to a fond memory, we want the music we play at your wedding to be memorable so that – on some day after your event - when you or your guests hear a song we played, you or your guest are whisked back to the magical and precious time everyone had at your event. We would love to make that happen.

We will help you plan out every musical detail to make sure there is no glitch in your reception’s festivities – one less thing for you to worry about.

The Odyssey Band provides a specialized service.
We have learned over twenty plus years that the key to our success lies in delivering what our customer wants!
​This means planning your event with you and then
delivering it as planned!

​”Tim – the joy on their faces..best father/daughterdance ever!” 
(Note: This is from an email from the Bride’s Mother providing the picture below)